Here's what some of our clients have to say about us and our service:

"I cannot describe how pleased I am with the service that the Stemmers provide."

"Mike and Joyce are the best agents I have EVER worked with. We are using them as buyer’s agents and they are the absolute best agents anyone could ask for. They genuinely care about their clients best interests, even if it means losing a sale. I seriously want to continue to buy in the Galveston area just so I can continue to use the Stemmers as my agent.

When Mike shows me property, he points out any disadvantages he sees…things we would have missed, such as termite damage to surrounding properties, asbestos siding, potential structural issues, advantages vs. disadvantages regarding locations, etc. He is also very willing to work within our schedule and show us properties at our convenience.

Joyce is absolutely wonderful when it comes to handling contract details, dealing with the other party’s agent, providing information at the first show of interest in a property, ensuring that all contract conditions are met, etc. Both Mike and Joyce respond to questions and concerns very quickly, but they also take care to find out as much information in advance so most of our questions are answered before we even ask. I have asked them questions on nights, weekends, and holidays and they always respond immediately.

I cannot describe how pleased I am with the service that the Stemmers provide. The service they provide to their clients is beyond extraordinary."

Brandi and Russell Johnson
Katy, TX.

"It's a joy to have the opportunity to work with agents as professional and knowledgeable as you both."

Dear Mike & Joyce,

"Thank you for your many years of service! I believe our relationship began almost 9 years ago! I appreciate all you have done but most of all enjoyed your attitude and demeanor along our journey.

Despite the market not cooperating with us in our goals, it is always a joy to have the opportunity to work with agents as professional and knowledgeable as you both are. I can see evidence through the years that you truly care about your clients and I would not hesitate for one second to refer anyone I ever knew needing assistance in Galveston your way. I hope I get that chance soon."

Shaun Tracy
RE/MAX Capital City
Boise, ID

"...the Stemmers made us aware of the pros and cons."

"My wife and I invest in real estate and own several properties at this time. Over the years, we have dealt with many real estate agents and none compare to Mike and Joyce Stemmer.

There are some unique aspects to owning property on Galveston Island and the Stemmers made us aware of the pros and cons. Unlike other agents we've had dealings with, Mike and Joyce weren't there just to make a sale; they genuinely wanted us to be 100% satisfied with our investment. They truly had our best interest in mind.

We appreciate everything Mike and Joyce have done for us and look forward to a long-term relationship with them in real estate."

James & Ina Connett
American Fireplace & Insulation Services
Montgomery, TX

"You proved to be professional, dedicated, focused..."

"Dear Mike & Joyce,
My congratulations to you on the "quick sale" of our house at 3822 6th Street. Clotilde and I expected to have the house on the market for two to three years. I told you that the reason I selected you to handle this sale was your professionalism and dedication to your work. You proved to be professional and dedicated; focused and worked well with us, as we did likewise, following your suggestions. We haven't had many dealings with real-estate agents, prior to you. You have fulfilled our expectations. Keep up the good work and stay focused, now, on lot 103!"

Kind regards,
Gerald & Clotilde Brown
Arlington, TX

Epilogue: Lot 103 6th Street

Thank you both for your hard work and diligence in selling our last Galveston Island property. It's nice to know there still is a Galveston Real Estate company that will not give up even after the listing expires. Now we wish we had more property on the Island because we know you would get them sold, too!!!

Clo is a BOI (Born on the Island) and is referring all her friends and family members to you and Joyce for future Real Estate business.

Gerald & Clo Brown
Arlington, TX

"Mike came through time and again..."

"Mike came through time and again with my purchase of a home this past year. Mike not only has great professional knowledge but helpful hints to make every step go smoother. Call him!"
Bonnie Stevenson
LaPorte, TX

"The best decision we made."

Mike and Joyce,
"It was a pleasure working with you on the purchase of our weekend home on Galveston's West End. We had been looking at homes for three years and decided it was time to get serious. Little did we know that it would happen as fast as it did! We signed the contract on June 7 and closed on our vacation home on June 30.

We first looked at Stemmer & Associates' website and one of your listings caught our attention. After reading the information on the site, we contacted Mike and that was the best decision we made. He not only showed us that home but pulled together a list of homes that met our criteria. Mike's knowledge of the market and negotiating expertise allowed us to evaluate the homes very quickly and obtain a firm contract in 10 days. The next step was a two-week closing to take advantage of incentives from the seller. Mike and Joyce also helped with our remodeling project, providing valuable market information for an updated home.

It was a great experience working with Stemmer & Associates, Realty and we recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home on Galveston Island."

Allen & Kim Pere
Houston, TX

"You delivered as promised."

"Mike and Joyce,
When you said, "We'll sell it in 180 days or sell it for free" simply put, you delivered as promised. Just 29 days before the time limit, you delivered a bona fide contract--in a down, post-Ike market at that!

We've been most impressed by your sincerity and knowledge of the local Galveston Real Estate Market. We appreciate your hard work and Dolores and I think of you two as friends. Thank you! "

Robert & Dolores Robinson
Pasadena, TX

"...the best information we received in our Galveston home quest, the names of Mike and Joyce Stemmer!"

"Mike and Joyce,
We were driving through Terramar Beach and stopped to ask a resident about the neighborhood. She was wonderful and passed on the best information we received in our Galveston home quest, the names of Mike and Joyce Stemmer! The Galveston/Beach/Bay house market was very new to us and I.ll admit that we needed quite a lot of guidance along the way. Mike graciously showed us every home he thought we would be interested in and every home we found on the internet. Many of them multiple times. He checked with different companies to answer our questions on noisy a/c.s, jet ski lifts, yard maintenance, inspectors, etc. Taught us the difference between storm shutters and storm windows and educated us on what type of insurance we would need. Every phone call or email we sent was quickly and happily answered. It has been three weeks since we closed on our home and Mike and Joyce have still been checking in on us, even providing directions to the nearest Home Depot and Target! We highly recommend Stemmer & Associates as great Realty, new neighbors, and friends. ."

Mike and Pam Allen
Katy, TX

"Thank you again for your superb service..."

"Mike and Joyce,
I wanted to thank you very much for the help you provided us during the purchase of our Sea Isle beach house. First of all, I called you, the seller's agent, on a Sunday morning to arrange to see the house and you called me right back to arrange it at our convenience THAT DAY. We loved it at first sight and you were very helpful in helping us and our agent complete the purchase paperwork and its subsequent revisions to the point that all was mutually acceptable, all within a few days. You continued to be of service to us in thinking of all the many details to take care of to assure a smooth closing and the post-closing things necessary to allow an immediate move in. My wife said she was very impressed with ME for accomplishing all this so smoothly but I was quick to point out that your willingness to go above and beyond your responsibilities to us, the buyers, and give of your time was extremely professional and the real reason it all went so smoothly. Thank you both again for your superb service to us and I'd be very surprised if the sellers are not writing a similar letter to you right now."

Respectfully yours,
Dr. Cedric & Connie Senter
Houston, Texas

"Mike and Joyce Stemmer are the ones to call.”

"If you have property in Galveston and ever need a Realty, Mike and Joyce Stemmer are the ones to call. After originally having another prominent Galveston broker list our house (during the prime months of the season) with no results, we finally called Mike and Joyce. The difference was remarkable. Since Mike and Joyce were willing to share listings and information with agents from other areas, such as Houston, our house was given wider exposure to the market. The Stemmers were always available by phone or email. There was never a time when we were waiting for someone to call us back or were not able to make contact with them. They have tools and resources in place that set them far apart from the other broker we originally hired. Every inquiry made about our house was immediately answered, noted, relayed to us, and followed up. Because the Stemmers have set themselves up to be instantly accessible to prospective buyers, they have a huge advantage over other Realty who may be, "out of the office," "away at lunch," or who use assistants or voicemail to handle potential buyers. Thanks, Mike and Joyce, for selling our house IN LESS THAN 4 MONTHS!"

Heath and Liz Hertenberger
Rosharon, Texas (and Sea Isle)

"Your suggestion.....worked like a charm... saving us $47,910."

"Even though we have never met, my husband and I want to thank you for helping us reduce our Terramar Beach home new tax assessment by $47,910. Your suggestion of taking pictures of similar homes in our neighborhood and comparing them to our home worked like a charm. Thanks again, Mike and Joyce, for all your help. Rest assured we will refer any of our friends looking for Galveston real estate to you."

Flora and Rod Rodriguez
Houston, TX

"Thanks, Mike and Joyce, for selling our house in a short period of time.”

"Thanks, Mike and Joyce, for selling our house in a short period of time. And thanks for your suggestions on how to make it more presentable for selling. We also appreciated you quick response to all our questions and concerns. In all our dealings we found you to be honest and applied no big pressure.

Thanks again and we hope to see you again sometime. "

Gene & Janelle Giblin
Houston, TX

"This is the biggest check we've received since we came here to the U.S.”

"Mike, your service was done beyond satisfaction and professionally executed. Thanks for your excellent and speedy service. This is the biggest check received since we came here to the U.S. Thanks again."

Mario & Flora Barao
Lake Jackson, TX

"For every obstacle, you had all the right answers.”

"We would like to thank you for all your assistance in the purchase of our new bay house. For every obstacle, you had all the right answers. Your encouragement kept our hopes high and you were right. It all fell into place within our deadline for closing.

Mike, you could not have been more professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable. You knew all the correct paths to follow without a doubt!!

We hope to be able to refer many others to you, as you and Joyce are remarkable in the way you conduct business. Rick and I truly appreciate your utmost integrity, and hope to keep in contact with you in the future. You are sincerely the best, especially at solving difficult issues in a very timely fashion.

Thank you so much!

We are very much enjoying our new bay house. "

Rick and Bobbye LaFont
Katy, TX

"Thanks to Mike, the process from earnest money contract to closing took less than a month.”

" The dream was a long time coming. Since growing up in the Spring Branch area of Houston, Galveston had always been a day or weekend getaway to "surf" or play with friends and their families. I never seriously thought I'd own a beach house until about four years ago when a last wish of a dying girlfriend started bringing me back to the beach. Childhood memories flooded back and this gave me the desire to be at the beach on a regular basis and to give my family (especially my daughters) the chance to make some of the wonderful memories like I had. My husband always liked beach vacations so he gave me the green light to look, as long as I did all the legwork.

Well, the first three years of looking were challenging at best because of my inexperience in the market and the scare in 2005 with Katrina and Rita. And, then, I met Mike Stemmer at one of his listings in Bay Harbor in the fall of '06. All I wanted was a little beach house to have a view to possibly watch the shore and migrating birds. There were many properties available but with such different amenities and with such a wide range of prices, the whole process seemed daunting.

My family's appreciation of Stemmer & Associates kept growing as Mike and Joyce patiently provided us with information and more information. My questions were always taken seriously and answered promptly. I did get sidetracked for a while fixated on a "unique" house that promised to deliver more problems than pleasures but Mike was able to steer me back around to my original dream and showed me a beach house within walking distance of the beach but still having a beautiful view of the bay. By the end of that day I knew that was the house for me. With my newfound knowledge of beach house shopping, thanks to Mike, the process from earnest money contract to closing took less than a month. The family was shocked at the speediness of it all but each one was .pleasantly surprised. when they finally saw it after the sale. "Move-in-ready" was my husband's request and he got what he wanted.

At this writing we've now owned the beach house for about two weeks and have already been there twice. My older daughter flew in from Dallas on a Thursday night and she, along with our younger daughter and I, drove down just for the night. I knew when we were sitting on the porch at 11:30 p.m. watching the big orange moon rising over the horizon that this was the right choice . Midnight at the Oasis.

Thanks, Mike and Joyce, for making our dream come alive. "

Elaine and Jim Bell
Houston, TX

"Agents were not interested to list it.”

"Dear Joyce and Mike, Thank you very much for your help in selling our lot in Indian Beach. You both are so great! We are happy about the price we got. Do you know that there was a time we wanted to sell that property for what ever we could get, but agents were not interested to list it. Thanks again for all your help."

James and Lizy Kariyaparamb
Sugarland, TX

"We appreciate your patience and persistence”

"Deborah and I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your help with our townhouse sale. It took about 5 months of considering many offers, but in the end, we got what we wanted. We appreciate your patience and persistence through the process. We will have no reservations about recommending you to our friends and relatives. Good luck to you both!."

Gary & Deborah Colvin
Conroe, TX

"Plain and simple—you were great to work with! Thanks again”

"Mike and Joyce, Thank you so much for the time you spent with us in our efforts to purchase our vacation home in Galveston. We were most impressed with your follow through. We contacted you and from there you were with us all the way. Your e-mails, phone calls, faxes and just your communication with us, in general, was invaluable."

David and Gail Purringon
Colebrook, NH

"You are truly an exceptional and professional couple”

"Mike and Joyce, Thank you so very much for helping us sell our beach house in Pointe San Luis. Is was a pleasure working with the Stemmer Team; your friendly and professional approach to the real estate business was very much appreciated. We know that often the business can be harsh. We always felt that you were working for us and that our interests were protected. Your COMMUNICATION with us was awesome, it was clear and open, e-mails almost daily to keep us informed of the process and progress. The best part of it all was that you sold our home within a few days and for a very good profit. You are truly an exceptional and professional couple, we wish you continued success and a Very Happy New Year. It will be with much confidence that we will recommend you to all our friends and family with interests in selling or buying in Galveston."

William and Gloria Quintanilla
Richmond, Texas

"Thanks again for all your help in making this happen."

YAAAAAAAA !! Can't wait to see the SOLD burst. Matter of fact, We'll will be there tonight to take a picture. Don't forget - you owe us lunch. Thanks again for all your help in making this happen. You guys are the greatest.

Joe and Carolin Santangelo
Sugarland, TX

"You were the only Real Estate Company who took the time to discuss our list of concerns...."


Dear Mike,
Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts involving our recent purchase of two lots in
Laguna San Luis.  Over a year ago, Julie and I began our research to decide if we should remodel
an existing smaller beach home which has been in our family for years, or build a new vacation home on West Beach.  This process involved speaking to several Realty, looking at many homes and lots listed for sale.  You were the only Real Estate Company who took the time to discuss our list of concerns; you did more than just provide a list of lots and homes offered for sale.  In your professional manner, you were able to educate me on the market conditions of Galveston, as well as inform me of new listings as they came on the market.  It took me a while to realize that the market conditions in Galveston were totally different than what I was used to dealing with here in Houston.  One of the very first times that we discussed was trying to find two lots side by side.  This was more a desire on my part rather than a make or break condition of our purchase.  Well, we were able to find and purchase two lots together in Laguna San Luis.  Julie and I are extremely pleased with our acquisition and excited about building a new home next year.
Being in sales for years, I have always tried to build a friendship while I deal with my customers needs throughout the sales process.  I feel that you operate the same way, creating a business relationship as well as building a friendship.  Julie and I consider you as a friend as well as a trusted Real Estate Professional.
Bill & Julie Kelton, owners
Town & Country Build-On-Your Lot
Houston, TX


  " got the most money for us."

We can't say enough about your service in handling our real estate transaction. Not only did you sell it quickly but you got the most money for us. We appreciate your professionalism. You did what you said you would do and kept in touch with us with updates on how things were going.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We will definitely use you and your company again for future transactions and refer you to friends and family.

John and Marilyn Moore
Coldwell Banker United, Realty
College Station  

   "Mike patiently walked me through the process and things turned out beautifully."

I am so glad I called Mike Stemmer & Associates when I was haphazardly looking at West Beach lots.  I had no idea what I was doing but Mike patiently walked me through the process and things turned out beautifully.  Because of Mike, I now own my own little piece of land in Laguna San Luis and hope to buy more – with Mike’s help, of course.  Although we never met face-to-face, I immediately felt comfortable and safe with Mike guiding me through.  He called back when he said he would.  He sent documents when he said he would.  He followed through!  That’s called customer service and I like that.

Thanks, Mike
I’ll be speaking with you soon.
Kimberly A. Shockley
Houston, TX

"Thanks, Mike and Joyce, for the tolerance with off-hour phones calls."

"We called Mike Stemmer initially to look at 1 house. He wound up showing us at least 6 more until he showed us the one my wife fell in love with. He was helpful not only with our selection, but acted as liaison for the builder and finally coached us through the closing process. We're now the happy owners of an island home in Terramar Beach.  Thanks, Mike and Joyce, for the tolerance with off-hour phones calls." 

J.P. and Ann Nix
Friendswood, Texas                   

Pictured left to right:
Jody Nix, Mike Stemmer and Ann Nix
after closing at Chicago Title.



.…want to tell everyone out there with property to sell to check these folks out.”


"I'm really glad I called Mike with Stemmer & Associates Realty to help me sell my beach house. I trusted Mike from the beginning, and in the 2 1/2 months we worked together I discovered that he was polite, knowledgeable, patient, and just plain NICE.  And I don't want to leave out organized and extremely responsive to telephone calls.  In fact, I'm amazed how easy it has all been.  I can't say enough good things about Stemmer & Associates Realty, and want to tell everyone out there with property to sell to check these folks out. My experience with them tells me you won't be disappointed!".


Marilyn Primeaux

Houston, Texas



"Glad you gave Jill and I such wise counsel.... "

I am really glad you gave Jill and I such wise counsel last year about prices and trends. We love our house and especially the location with he terrific view.

John and Jill Pavlas
Houston, TX

"My wife and I are quite appreciative of your suggestions.... "

I want to thank you for the effort and diligence you put into selling my property at 3922 First Street in Bay Harbor. You kept me well informed about the visits of prospective buyers so that I could enjoy the beach house without undue annoyance. My wife and I are quite appreciative of your suggestions and I will recommend you to any friends who might be interested in selling or buying property in Galveston.

Daton Dodson
Houston, TX

"Your opportune and sound advice led us...."

Mike, I just want to let you know that my wife and I are very pleased with the services you provided in selling our properties on Galveston Island. You were always professional and were looking out for our best interest. The timeliness and seamless process during both transactions demonstrate the high level of concern and professionalism that Stemmer & Associates, Realty has for their customers. Your opportune and sound advice led us down an uncertain road in a trip that we, as laymen, did not know how to travel to reach our objective. Thank you very much and best of luck in your business.

Raul & Maria I. Torres
Houston, TX

"I really appreciated the professional manner..... "

"I really appreciated the professional manner in which Michael presented all the properties we were interested in.  He listened to our needs and was very diligent in finding our retreat by the water!  The process was enjoyable and pleasant.  We are looking forward to spending lots of time in Galveston."

Nancy Foreman
Surgarland, Texas

"As a first-time buyer, I was very nervous..."

" As a first-time home buyer, I was very nervous about the entire process. Mike and Joyce were both very helpful, explaining the process as we went along. Mike also has many resources in Galveston he was able to tap, allowing me to get a full and complete idea of what kind of shape this older home I was interested in was in. He is knowledgable about Galveston history and how that pertains to the many older homes on the island. All calls were returned promptly. All in all, a very positive experience. Thanks!! 

Paula Judy 
Austin, TX

"We have used several real estate agencies over the past 9 years"

We have used several real estate agencies in Galveston over the past 9 years trying to sell this bayside lot. I had almost given up hope until I heard about you. You were the first agency that actually tried to sell it and did in less than two months. Wow!! I never expected to sell so quickly. Mike, I appreciate the personal attention you gave us.   Thanks again and I will highly recommend you to others.

Wanda Trasatti
Katy, Texas

"We did not expect to sell so quickly, nor with such ease" 

We are delighted with the professional service your company gave to us. The property was listed and on the market within a day of our signing our listing agreement. It was sold within a week at a fair price. We did not expect to sell so quickly, nor with such ease. Your office's quick responses and use of E-mail and fax made it very simple. Thank you again. 

The Brittons
Cypress, TX

"As a first time home buyer, I had numerous questions and concerns"

If you are looking for a real estate agent who is experienced, hard working, honest,dependable, informative but without the pressure, then you should call Mike and Joyce Stemmer at Stemmer and Associates Realty. As a first time home buyer, I had numerous questions and concerns. The Stemmers were always available and very responsive to my many phone calls and e-mails. Professional and helpful, they took me step by step through the home buying process. They referred me to a mortgage lender, title company, and home inspector who all possessed the same level of efficiency. Even though the sellers were divorced and living in different cities, the closing went smoothly, thanks to Mike and Joyce. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Debbie Stuber
Spring, TX

She was not happy with their service or demeanor...”

I just want to take a moment to thank you both for all your help with my out-of-state client. As
you know, I tried to refer her to several other agents and she was not happy with their service
or demeanor.

Thank you for all your attention to these lots, and even though the return was low, you gave them the same attention you would lots with greater return. I will definitely refer you again.

Nancy Marcis, GRI
Prudential Gary Greene, Realty
Sugar Land, TX

“Your research and input saved me hours...”

Thank you for your cooperation in the recent sale of a beautiful bayside property for my clients.  Your research and input saved me hours of time and made the transaction much smoother and simpler than anticipated.  Thank you for being my Galveston Connection.  I look forward to working with you again soon.

Alana Croker
RE/MAX By the Bay
Kemah, TX

“They are very happy with their new...”

Mike and Joyce, thank you for helping the Colvins find their little piece of beachside paradise. They are very happy with their new getaway investment.  Rest assured, I will continue to use your company as a referral source for any Galveston Island property.

Melanie Aubrey
Prudential Gary Greene, Realty

The Woodlands, TX


Dear Joyce and Mike: 

Just a short note to let you know how very pleased we were with your services and to thank you for all your help in selling our house. From the very first time we contacted you regarding a lot in Laffite’s Cove, we were quite impressed with your demeanor. You were very knowledgeable about the area, subdivision and very patient with us when we always seemed to be calling with many questions. Then, it was time to put our house in Jamaica Beach on the market. We have lived in that area for 10 years and had developed a lot of relationships with other realty, some of whom were our neighbors. To us the selling of a house is a major step and we wanted “only the best.” Granted, you were the new kids on the block and that gave us something to be concerned about. We really had a lot of questions now. Did you have the same knowledge of the market here as the realty who have been here for years? Finally, after interviewing other companies, we decided you were the company that would do the best job. Perhaps it was your “down-to-earth, not pushy” attitude. Well, you did it. You sold our house in 14 days and you were always kind and considerate when the time came to show our property. This was supposed to be short but I guess when I thought of all the nice things you represent, it was hard to stop. Thanks again. We will surely recommend you to others. 

Barbara and Tony Koceich 
Galveston, TX

  “…working hard and FOR US, which in this day and age is unusual.”

Dealing with you has been a pleasure. I feel like throughout the complete purchase process, you were working hard and "for us", which in this day and age is unusual. You were professional, you worked hard answering every question I had promptly and courteously. There is no doubt in my mind that I could recommend you to others in the market to buy or sale a property in Galveston.

Randy and Theresa Heath
Seabrook, TX

“….you now have the best Galveston Realty web site”

"Dealing with Stemmer & Associates has been a pleasure. Throughout the complete purchase process, you were the consummate professionals, working hard for my satisfaction and always willing to "go the extra mile." For any future real estate transactions, Stemmer & Associates will be my Realty. By the way, you now have the best Galveston Realty web site, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Also, your suggestion about the vinegar, water and squeegee method for cleaning windows certainly works and I am getting pretty quick at it. I am really enjoying my new home and great view of the Gulf.”

John P. Staples
Galveston, TX

“I knew when I referred them it would be a positive transaction”

“Mike, I want to thank you for working with the Temples. I knew when I referred them to you it would be a positive transaction. They are very happy with the beach house you helped them find. In the future, should I need a realty in Galveston, I will gladly refer you.”

Herschel Rothchild
RE/MAX Fry Road Katy, TX

“… and you went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly.”

“I just want to drop you a short note to say how much Kay and I appreciated your help in purchasing the house in Galveston. Together, we went through many trials and tribulations but then we also learned a lot about a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange and to close or not close when a hurricane is approaching. You were there every step of the way and went above and beyond to make sure every- thing went smoothly with all of the agencies involved, and at the same time to make sure we were pleased. Again, thank you and we still need to do dinner when we get down to Galveston next time.”

Walt and Kay Temple
Katy, TX

“You were always available to answer our questions.”

“We want to thank you for the professional way you handled the sale of our property in Galveston. We really appreciate your attention to detail. You provided us with the pertinent information, described our options and what to expect from each and then allowed us to make the decision. You were always available to answer our questions from the time we signed the contract all the way through closing. All realty could take a lesson from you and your approach. Customer satisfaction personified. Thanks again, Mike, for a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.”

Robert and Sharon Townsend
Colorado Springs, CO

“It was a pleasure working with the Stemmers.”

“Joyce and Mike Stemmer helped us find and purchase a great lot in Laffite’s Cove. Through the entire process they provided valuable information and were always available to answer our long list of questions related to the transaction. They even helped us find a lawn service to cut the grass. It was a pleasure working with the Stemmers, and we look forward to having them as neighbors in Laffite’s Cove.”

Joe and Caroline Santangelo
Sugar Land, Texas

“from the moment we emailed you in Colorado, you had already started, asking all the right questions.”

“I wanted to take a minute of your time and thank you for helping my wife and I find a pleasant place on the coast. From the moment we e-mailed you in Colorado, you had already started, asking all the right questions to help us find our new home. When we came down for a short weekend stay, you had us mapped out immediately. Your handy technique of writing a few notes about each and every place on the MLS report sheets helped us see clearly when making our decision. We looked at so many places in such a short time, WOW. What a pleasure it was to work with you. Thank you, again Mike.”

Ron Antener and Family
Aurora, CO

“We really didn’t think it could be done.”

“You truly saw our need to move our not-so-desirable property quickly and you met that need. We really didn't think it could be done and I can't tell you how pleased we were the day you called to say we had an offer. Your marketing strategy really paid off! We also appreciate how you stayed in touch regularly via e-mail. This was so important to our stress level--just knowing you hadn't forgotten about us "small fish" in the big pond. Thank you again."

Denise Atwell
Houston, TX 

“I am amazed you sold it in 18 days.”

“I want to thank you for the professional way in that you sold my lot at Sea Isle. I am amazed that you sold it in 18 days. I also want to thank you for following up (even after it was sold) the sale by making sure I was completely satisfied. If I have any real estate transactions to do in Galveston or its vicinity, rest assured you would be the only person I would use. Again, thank you.”

John Coleman
Spring, TX

“It’s a great pleasure to call them good friends”

"Mike Stemmer sold us our first home in 1978. We've stayed in contact over the years and in the mid '80's became friendly competitors in the HUD/VA foreclosure market. Mike and his wife Joyce have always maintained the highest degree of honesty and professionalism as Realty towards their clients. It's a great pleasure to call them good friends."

Carl Bradley
HUD Broad Listing Broker Southeast Texas Region
Houston, TX